2018 Home Design Trends: Wallpaper, High Gloss Lacquer, and More

By Francesca Faris | Dec 12, 2017 7:50AM

Leaning into the look of the future with the help of the Trulia Design Panel.

Finding a home requires trade-offs, whether in the house or neighborhood. And though it’s not easy to change your neighborhood, you can certainly change the way your home looks and feels. To help homeowners and renters make their house a home, the Trulia Design Panel, an expert group of interior designers, home stagers and organizers from across the nation, is here to share their home décor advice and insights.

Ahead of 2018, the Trulia Design Panel gave their predictions for 2018’s big design trends. What’s in, what’s out, and why?
What’s Out

1. Exposed lighting
The ubiquitous, proudly displayed filaments of Edison bulbs and exposed track lighting have been a topic of debate among designers for years, but Hannah Crowell of Crowell & Co. says 2018 is time for them to go.

“I am a lover of all things vintage and appreciate a nod to the past, but it just became too overly saturated,” Crowell says. David Charette of Britto Charette adds, “there is no reason to have exposed track lighting; it can be recessed in drywall for a much cleaner and aesthetically pleasing look.”

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