2018 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study

Findings from a survey of 1,734 U.S. homeowners on Houzz about their recent or planned kitchen renovation projects

Clutter drives us mad: Most homeowners admit to obsessing over decluttering kitchen surfaces and putting things away hence, the abundance of built-in cabinet storage and organizers that cater to these needs. Pullout waste bins, utensil and dish organizers, and wine/bar cabinets have become increasingly popular.

Engineered quartz eclipses granite: Countertops are the top feature to splurge on during kitchen renovations. Engineered quartz is now the most popular material for countertops, as granite continues a three-year decline. The popularity of quartz is highest in urban and suburban areas, while granite is still the top choice in rural areas.

Styles in transition: More renovating homeowners are opting for a completely different kitchen style compared the previous two years. Iconic modern and traditional styles are giving way to transitional, contemporary, and farmhouse styles. Similarly, homeowners are leaning away from a more traditional U-shaped kitchen layout toward an L-shape.

San Franciscans spend the most on remodels: Among the top 20 U.S. metro areas, homeowners in San Francisco spend the most on kitchen remodels, averaging $70,000 for a major remodel of a large kitchen (200 square feet or more), compared with $42,000 nationally. Overall, costs vary significantly by scope of remodel, size of kitchen, and region. Coastal cities spend the most on average.

A recipe for technology: Technology is no stranger to modern kitchens, with many homeowners integrating new electronics, such as wireless speakers, and new appliances with high-tech features, such as wireless or voice controls. These preferences continue to evolve as new devices, such as home assistants, take the place of older ones, like TVs.

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