9 Gorgeous Kitchen Materials That Are Practically Indestructible

Vinyl. (Yes, vinyl!) You’re gonna want it after you see these pics.

kitchen top

What’s the point of a Pinterest-perfect kitchen if it doesn’t stay that way? Kitchen surfaces, especially countertops, need to be able to take hit after hit.

And these nine will. And look gorgeous doing it.

#1 Laminate for Countertops

Don’t worry — laminate won’t make your kitchen look like great-grandma’s lime-green tabletop. And it won’t stain like hers either.

This affordable and heat-, stain-, and water-resistant material has undergone quite a makeover. “The old stereotypes about the way it used to look aren’t really as true anymore,” says Ebony Stephenson, a certified kitchen and bath designer.

In fact, with super-realistic marble and granite patterns, you can be in a kitchen with laminate these days and not even know it.

What’s more, laminate is now is available in 5-by-8-foot sheets, which means it replicates pricey granite, marble, or butcher block with fewer joints. That means fewer moisture problems, too.

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