11 Striking Ways to Add Color to Any Room

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Paint a door super bright yellow, or the trim on a window for amazing results

Buying a house — it’s such an adult thing to do. And putting work into it is another mature choice.

But when personalizing your home, the instinct to keep things adulty can also keep things pretty dull. Gray walls. White ceilings. Taupe for miles. Suddenly your house (read: your life) is booooring.

Time to dive into the pigment pool. Hot pink, wowza red, rich navy, and other colors with a capital C can be just as chic as neutrals, and they’re a lot more fun. Here are 11 ways to bring loud, proud hues into your home without making it look straight outta Dr. Seuss.

#1 Paint the Inside of Your Cabinets
Because anyone can paint the doors, but getting rid of them and painting the inside is more interesting.
Using the same color on the cabinet’s back panel and the wall behind them adds continuity to the space.
Here, lemon yellow walls work complementary-color magic with the blue-gray cabinets. This is an easy way to get on-trend open shelving without replacing your cabinets.

#2 Paint Your Office Your Favorite Color
Because in there, you’re the boss.
The trick to making a bold palette work? Favorite color + white + contrasting color = smashing room.
These bold green walls get a chill pill from the white trim, area rug, and desk. That red bookcase and chair bring the big bang of contrasting color that shakes things up.

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