How to Keep Your Home Sparkling for Showings



Life can sometimes feel non-stop when you are a parent. It can make you feel like there are not enough hours in the day. This can be a problem if you have plans to sell your house. However, there's much you can do to get your home spotless and prepared for any showing.

Remove Clutter


Life can be messy, and our homes can become centers ofclutter: Toys on stairs, magazines on tables, furniture that eats up space. Remove anything that appears to undermine your home's sense of roominess. You could either store items, especially larger objects, or simply donate or sell things you no longer need.

As you make inroads in your efforts, think about what else you might do todepersonalize and help let go of your home. While photographs and other personal belongings are not intrusive, they may undermine your showings. After all, you want a prospective buyer to be able to visualize living in their home, not yours. Neutral rooms may allow a buyer to project their image on to your property and could be a clincher when it comes to a sale. Through this process, look to reassure your children, who may find it overwhelming to see familiar things start to go.

Deep Clean


Just as with clutter, it's easy for a house to accumulate debris and detritus over the years. Adeep clean is imperative before showings, as odors or stains can be a major deterrent to buyers. If you find yourself too busy to undertake this, then you might hire a professional. Sometimes, this can be the only option, especially if anything is particularly resistant. Look to clean out hard-to-reach areas, nooks and crannies that may exist throughout your home. Get rid of anything that cannot be fully cleaned, like a carpet that has blotches that do not come out, or a persistent smell.

When it comes to odors, try to avoid anything artificial if possible. Encourage everyone, including the kids, to getinvolved. Even if your little ones simply help out by cleaning a dish or two, or soaping up the sink, it adds up to a clean home.

Have a Checklist


This can be an essential tool in keeping your home organized and clean as you progress toward the big sale. You might use a checklist to help divide tasks up between your family, which can be especially helpful for busy parents. Some of the basic everydaytasks to include would be putting clothes and dishes away, cleaning sinks and sweeping where necessary.

In addition to detailing daily tasks, a to-do list should include other selling essentials such as checking local homelistings to determine how competitive your area is and how other houses compare. Remember, home prices vary, and buyers may have differing expectations and needs based on that. When you consider that homes in Cornwall, New York, typically sell for $327,000, then it's easy to understand buyers' doing their due diligence before parting with their money.

Stay Prepped


No matter how busy you are, there are plenty of things you can quickly do toprep your house for a showing. Think about the comfort of viewers, and consider what might enhance your home's appearance. Ensure that your property is light and airy by switching on lights, and opening up curtains and windows. Lamps are a great complement in your rooms, so don't hesitate to add more if you think it will help. Make use of air conditioning to maintain a relaxing and welcoming environment where temperatures are not an issue. Look to occupy thekids during the showing by taking them on a fun excursion to keep their minds off the sale. You might combine that with a day of television or computer games to minimize any stress they may be dealing with.

Be assured that your efforts will be worth it. By keeping your home clean and organized, you may leave a lasting impression in any showing. Try to minimize stress for your children by keeping their minds away from the sale. Remember, you will soon be living in a new house, where you and your family can create many more memories together.

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