Induction Cooktops Continue to Grow in Popularity

Although electric and gas have been the more traditional cooktop and range preferences for homeowners in the past, Forbes contributor Sheri Koones says induction stoves are worth considering as well. The technology uses electromagnetic fields below a glass-top surface to transfer a current directly to magnetic cookware, causing the vessel to heat up. See Koones’ advantages of induction cooktops below.

A major difference between induction and other types of cooktops is the speed with which induction cooks. For a first time user, they may very well burn the first food they begin to cook. There is a power mode that will heat up a small amount of food in seconds and will boil water in a few minutes. There are various levels of heat, that can be used to heat food quickly or much slower at the lowest levels.

In addition to the speed of cooking induction ranges also save energy by automatically shutting off when a pot is removed from the range. This is also a safety feature, because there is no chance of leaving the stove on when cooking is finished.

Induction stoves are very easy to clean. Unlike gas stoves with grills and crevices, the top of an induction cooktop is flat with minimal detail to clean. Grease and spills can easily be wiped off and cleaned with a special cream, specially designed for glass top appliances. It is easy to keep an induction stove looking like new.

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