Reducing Clutter: Stuff You Should Get Rid of Right Now

It’s time to clear the clutter and get rid of unnecessary items that are only taking up space in your home. Here are five things you have laying around your home that are useless and need to go to reduce your clutter.

Old Paint Cans

It’s no surprise that many people have old paint cans just sitting in their garage. It’s nice to have spare paint to touch up a wall, but if you haven’t painted in a few years or you have just had your home repainted, there’s a good chance the old paint cans are just taking up space and nothing more.

If you tried patching up a wall that was painted years ago, it won’t be a perfect match because the paint has faded. Keep your newer paint for touch-ups, but the rest have to go to make room for more important items. (Of course, many communities have rules for disposal of paint and other potentially toxic substances, so check with your municipality before throwing out hazardous waste.)

Expired Medicine

Go through your medicine cabinet and check the expiration dates on all of your medicine and you will probably find that many of them are expired. When drugs are expired, they are less potent, meaning that if you are taking them for an illness there’s a good chance you aren’t getting the right dosage.

Medicine can also change chemical composition with time and some can become dangerous and have negative side effects. Be safe and save space by clearing your medicine cabinet of old medicine.

Various Odd “Projects”

The old table you were intending to sand down and stain, the headboard you were going to make —  you know the type of “projects” I’m referring to. If you don’t finish it, get rid of it, because you’re wasting storage space by leaving “project”materials around that will never be used.

Old Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are notoriously known for cluttering up kitchen cabinets and drawers. You no doubt have a mixed-up collection of various plastic tops and containers somewhere in your kitchen. If the lid is missing, there are holes or stains, it’s time to dump them and clear some room in your kitchen for things that deserve storage space.

Ancient Receipts, Bills and Paychecks

It’s time to sit down and sift through that old filing cabinet you have full of old bills, receipts and paychecks. If you don’t need them anymore, shred them. Your important receipts need to be stored somewhere along with your paychecks for the last two years – the rest needs to be thrown away. Think about signing up for electronic bills to save paper and save yourself room in your filing cabinet.

Whether you’re planning a move or simply want to declutter your life, start with these important tips first. You’ll be happier knowing that you’ve cleared out some of life’s clutter.